Avie Bittermann Clinical Psychologist, Humanistic Psychoterapist

One to one & group therapy

There are phases in our life when we sense the need for change, but we are blocked or afraid or feel too vulnerable during the events. Our usual problem-solving skills are failing, the lay support of our communities is not able to hold us–or sometime just they are the source of difficulties. Our physical and mental health may deteriorate, we cannot sleep, eat or see the future or even depression takes us over.

This is the point when psychotherapy may help.

One to one therapy

The relationship with the therapist may secure the special state of being when you can concentrate on yourself, your emotions, thought, which may lead to a higher state of being and a more realistic relation with the outer world.

Group therapy

Similar to 1:1 therapy, but spiked up with the power of the group. The group provides a safe playground to know ourselves: to understand the group and try out new ways of being.

“We see people and things not as they are, but as we are”  Anthony de Mello

My Approach

My approach derives from psychodynamic and humanistic theory and years of first-hand experience. The core of my theory is that most of the symptoms arise from interpersonal relationships.  These problems generating relations could be past or present and that through the unique relation with the professional therapist growth and healing may occur.

I consider the relation among three dimensions, the person with themselves, with others and with the Power Higher than we.  The client’s difficulties will present in the relation with the therapist, and through this, we can change old patterns.

The micro-events during the sessions provide possibilities to experience feelings, and reflect on them. The holding environment, my unconditional acceptance, our honesty to each other, the discipline and commitment to the process create the opportunity to be in a “what if” and at the same time, real situation. 

These are possibilities embedded in a therapy. The actual realisation cannot be guaranteed, since it depends on complex, living processes. We can that only strive for being better and better. The long hours of being present for the clients with their suffering and healing taught me that psychotherapy can be a major tool for lasting positive change.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”  W.Goethe


ELTE University - psychology

SOTE University - Clinical Psychologist

Tündérhegy psychotherapist training

Humanistic Psychotherapist


I worked in various institutions in Budapest before gaining experience abroad.

I worked 10 years in England with very wide variety of troubled people.

I was the director of a private drug and alcohol rehabilitation institute for two years.

After returning to Hungary, I worked as a psychologist in a 740-bed psychiatric care facility and then was the director of the facility for 5 years.

During the past two decades, I spent countless hours with professional personal development. My interest lays in preverbal, even intrauterine traumas and their complex artistic  therapy approach.

A former patient said about me:

She’s experienced, attentive, listens to every little detail and reacts at the perfect moment. The patients can see themselves in a completely different perspective. She’s communicates openly and honestly. She provides a secure and calm environment. She keeps the therapeutic contract rules. Her primary goal is the patient’s improvement, recovery. Her sincerity is paired with light humour.
Petra V.


I offer face-to-face relation during the sessions in 13th district, Budapest.

I provide online therapy for those at risk.